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  • Legacy Employer Portal

    To view records for employees seen before 10/25/22 click here.Visit Legacy Portal
  • New Employer Portal

    To view records for employees seen after 10/25/22 click here.View Employer Portal

NOTICE: Texas MedClinic (TMC) will be transitioning to a NEW EMPLOYER PORTAL by the end of the 4th quarter of 2022. All ACTIVE EMPLOYER PORTAL ADMIN USERS will receive email notifications with new USERNAME and TEMPORARY PASSWORD. Please see Portal Notification Letter (below) for details about how you will be notified. It is possible until your NEW Portal Account is set up, that you may receive employee results by e-mail or fax. Again, this is temporary until your new portal account is set up.

New Employer Portal Resources

Welcome Letter Getting Started with Employer Portal Reset Password in Employer Portal
Employer Portal Non-Admin User User Setting Audits In Employer Portal Employer Portal Grouped Employer User
Manage Visit Documentation in Employer Portal View Visits and Documentation in Employer Portal

Texas MedClinic Employer Portal FAQs

You will receive an email from no_reply@employerportal.info with your username. When we set up the first Company Admin User, we will provide them their password. As the company’s Admin User creates accounts for their team, they will be providing each team member with their password.

Yes, we can set up an Admin User at your company to create new users, edit users, and reset passwords.

Any e-mail sent from the TMC EMR for employer-related services is locked with a password. In order to open the email, please send an email to businessdevelopment@texasmedclinic.com to request the password. You can also call our Client Service Center to request the password at 210.403.4295.

Anytime a document is pushed to the Employer Portal, you will receive an email notifying you of the new document.

Yes. Once you log into your Portal account you select Visit Search and complete the search criteria.

An administrator may be the owner, executive, high-level manager, or an individual who is designated to act on the employer’s behalf. The administrator is responsible for managing the specified employer account in Employer Portal.

New Employer Portal Videos

  • Add New Portal User - Texas MedClinic Urgent Care
    Add New Portal User
  • Search and View Employees - Texas MedClinic Urgent Care
    Search and View Employees
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