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About This Clinic

Opened in 1982, the Texas MedClinic located at 11811 Blanco Road was the urgent care pioneer’s first location.

Since that time, Texas MedClinic has opened 12 additional locations in San Antonio and six across the region, including New Braunfels, Spring Branch, Austin, and Round Rock.

Available Services

Texas MedClinic, we treat you well.

With a diverse team of highly trained medical professionals and urgent care doctors, we treat minor emergencies like cuts, broken bones, allergies, stomach aches, headaches, rashes, fever, and sore throats. For over 39 years, Texas MedClinic has been the family urgent care location of choice for treating Life’s Little Emergencies.

We understand that when you are sick or injured, you want to be seen by a provider immediately. Texas MedClinic’s convenient urgent care clinics are prepared to see you on a walk-in basis, no appointment necessary. We also provide a simple and convenient appointment check-in platform to set up your Texas MedClinic appointments from your phone, on-the-go, or before you head to work. Save time and Check-In ONLINE.

Here is what patients are saying about Texas MedClinic on Blanco:

“Caring professional staff very prompt and thanks for the follow up call. P.A. addressed all my concerns.” – Candy P.

“Texas Med Clinic at Blanco and Parliament was unbelievably fast and efficient. Did everything online including the iPhone camera function for advance registration…insurance card, etc….Have to arrive 30” before appt … but I was in a patient room, vitals taken and nose swabbed ten minutes before my appointment time! Great PA gave a thorough exam today and I was rolling 50” after arriving!!!” – Dee C.

Texas MedClinic Founder Dr. Bernard T. Swift, Jr., a former emergency room physician, recognized the need to treat minor emergencies after hours when physician’s offices were closed, freeing hospital emergency rooms to take care of the severely injured and sick.

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