Work-Related Injuries

Experienced Medical Professionals Providing Ideal Care

When treating work-related injuries, our medical team is sensitive to the needs of both the employer and the employee. We feel communication with employers is key to ensuring that an injured worker is properly cared for and can return to productive work. Our facilities are equipped to treat a wide range of medical and surgical emergencies. Clinics are staffed with experienced physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who provide ideal care for on-the job injuries and accidents.

Benefits of using Texas MedClinic for work-related injury services:

  • We have three 24-Hour locations in San Antonio
  • All clinics are open 8am to 11pm, every day*
  • No appointment necessary for initial visits
  • Online check-in portal available
  • All work-related injuries are phone verified by our staff for the company’s protection
  • Written reports on each patient’s work status are always available to the employer after the employee’s visit is complete
  • Prioritize continuous care for an injured employee by using the same care provider
  • We strongly support “Modified-Duty” for an employee’s early return to work
  • Client Service Representative available to provide up-to-date information to employers
  • Workers’ Compensation Referral Coordinators available to schedule diagnostic testing, specialist care and physical therapy
  • CT Scans available at select locations**

*Some locations closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
**This service only performed at our 24-Hour locations – IH 10 W/ WurzbachLoop 1604/Culebra, and IH 35 N/ Loop 1604.

Workers’ Compensation Networks:

  • Broadspire Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Network
  • Bunch Coventry TX HCN DBA Bunch & Associates
  • Bunch HCN-First Health
  • Corvel – CorCare Certified Network
  • Coventry Health Care Workers’ Compensation Inc.
  • First Health/CCS HCN
  • First Health/Travelers HCN
  • First Health TX HCN
  • Forte/Compkey Plus
  • IMO Med-Select Network
  • Liberty Health Care Network
  • OccuNet (Harden Healthcare and Tyson Foods)
  • Political Subdivision Workers Compensation Alliance
  • Rockport SelectHealth Network
  • Southwest Medical Provider Network
  • Texas Star Network
  • The Hartford Workers’ Compensation Health Care Network
  • Zenith Health Care Network
  • Zurich Services Corporation Health Care Network

Please contact your Network provider if you would like to use Texas MedClinic for the treatment of your employees’ work-related injuries.


Impairment Evaluation/Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI):

Texas MedClinic’s  clinicians are certified by the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AADEP) to perform Impairment Evaluations after Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) has been reached in Workers’ Compensation cases. Doctors designated by the Texas Department of Insurance Workers’ Compensation Division are also available to perform Designated Doctor Exams.

Independent Medical Evaluation (IME):

IME’s may be performed by either a simple review of medical records or a review of medical records with a physical examination.

Call the Texas MedClinic Impairment Rating Coordinator at (210) 349-5577 to schedule an appointment for an MMI or IME.

Urgent Care Online Check-In with Texas MedClinic

Had a bad experience at a Texas MedClinic some years ago, so I haven’t really been back. I was leery about going there in the first place, but I needed urgent care. And wow, how things have changed. Staff is super friendly and ready to provide prompt and courteous service. The doctor who treated me was just awesome. I can’t heap enough praise on these folks. I won’t say I’ll be back soon, but the next time I need any kind of care, I’m headed there fast. And with online check in available? What else could you ask for?

- Michael P.
IH 35 N / Loop 1604 Clinic
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