Drug Testing for Suspected Users

December 8, 2016

When it comes to your loved ones and your employees it’s hard to confront them about suspected drug use, but it’s often times the best way to tackle a problem.

Most parents would like to believe their child would never do something to harm themselves, but statistics say otherwise. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, almost 23 percent of high school seniors reported using drugs. In fact, by the twelfth grade, about half of all adolescents have abused an illicit drug at least once.

And, did you know, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health for 2013, 9.1% of full time adults aged 18 or older are current illicit drug users. For those employed part-time, 13.7% are current illicit drug users. This means that of the 22.4 million current illicit drug users aged 18 or older, 15.4 million (68.9%) are employed either full or part time.

There are warning signs that could lead to uncovering drug use. And, if you notice them, it’s okay to be direct. Ask them first before assuming. Sometimes their answer might surprise you.

Signs of Drug Use*:

Personal Appearance

Poor hygiene

Red, flushed cheeks or face

Track marks on arms or legs

Burns or soot on fingers or lips

Personal Habits

Heavy use of over-the-counter items to reduce red eyes, nasal irritation or bad breath

Frequently breaking curfew

Cash flow problems

Reckless driving

Avoiding eye contact

Secretive phone calls

Behavioral Issues

Change in relationships


Unusual clumsiness

Sullen and withdrawn

Inability to focus

Disappearances for long periods of time

Slurred speech

Highs and lows in personality changes

Health Related Issues

Frequent nosebleeds, vomiting, seizures, sores and spots around the mouth




Skin abrasions

If you notice any of these signs we’re here to help. Texas MedClinic understands the importance of drug testing and offers comprehensive, professional, and legally defensible drug testing solutions. All of our clinics offer Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT drug tests, as well as drug test “collection only” services.

We offer several types of substance testing services including:

-Rapid (same day) drug tests

-Urine/hair specimen collections

-Personal drug tests

-Breath alcohol tests

-And, special drug panels are available on request

We’re here to help you as you navigate the discussion and treatment of drug use. Please call one of our nearby facilities if you have any questions regarding your next course of action.

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