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Whooping Cough Vaccinations are for Adults Too

Start the year off right, no we’re not talking about resolutions today, we’re taking about vaccinations. Update your outdated vaccinations, especially your whooping cough immunizations if you plan to spend time with small children this year. ...

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Prep Your New Year’s Resolutions

The end of the year is here, time to prepare your 2017 resolutions. Plan ahead, be prepared! Help prevent illness and maintain personal wellness in the new year.  Make healthy living a goal next year. Positive lifestyle choices, made daily, ...

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Finish the Year Off Right!

Bananas and apples

Texas MedClinic stresses prevention as the best way to protect against the variety of illnesses passed around throughout the holiday season. Doctors at Texas MedClinic remind patients to continue routine hygiene practices, to wipe down germs and ...

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Give Back This Month, It’ll Put You in the Spirit

December is in full swing and you’re likely feeling the burden! We know there are endless to-do lists but in the midst of the chaos, it might put you in the spirit to do something good for someone else. There are many organizations that rely on ...

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Drug Testing for Suspected Users

When it comes to your loved ones and your employees it’s hard to confront them about suspected drug use, but it’s often times the best way to tackle a problem. Most parents would like to believe their child would never do something to harm ...

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Pro Sports Rehab is now accepting patients at the Forum Shopping Center Location

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