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Relapse of the Flu; Is that a real thing?


After escaping flu during the 2015-2016 it has recently reminded many of us of the misery it can cause. The misery, however bad, is generally short lived for most; seven days being the typical course of illness, though in an unlucky few it can ...

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Why do we Treat Strep Throat?


If only life and medicine were simple concepts, always black and white and not include the myriad shades of gray… Have you ever had a sore throat and automatically diagnosed yourself with strep throat? We see many . It has been estimated that 15 ...

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Bumps, scrapes, bruises, bug bites: First-aid kit must-haves

First Aid kit blog

It never fails. When there’s bumps, scrapes, bruises or bug bites, and you need a bandage, antiseptic cream, bug bite cream or an ankle wrap, they seem to have disappeared from your medicinal cabinet. No worries. We have you covered. You can ...

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New Year, New Health Insurance Coverage – A check up for your policy


Each new year brings health insurance renewals. If you have changed plans or providers, it’s wise to review your policy for key items that can impact your choices for health care. Keep your family and bottom line healthy with these five tips in ...

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Whooping Cough Vaccinations are for Adults Too


Start the year off right, no we’re not talking about resolutions today, we’re taking about vaccinations. Update your outdated vaccinations, especially your whooping cough immunizations if you plan to spend time with small children this year. ...

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Pro Sports Rehab is now accepting patients at the Forum Shopping Center Location

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