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Urgent Care vs. Freestanding ERs, What Is the Difference?

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Sometimes you need to be seen by a physician immediately but you don’t necessarily need to go to the emergency room. That’s why urgent care facilities are so necessary. Texas MedClinic provides walk-in, extended-hour medical care for minor to ...

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Savor a Mediterranean Diet!


Source: Medical-Reference.net America is blessed in so many ways, but our Western diet shouldn’t be considered one of them. For the most part, our diet contains refined grains, sweets, desserts, sugared drinks, trans-fats and fried foods.While ...

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Using Tylenol and Advil Together in Children and Adults


For Fever Reduction In Children Ages 6mo.-12yrs. No one looks forward to a fever, but we know they are beneficial when it comes to fighting an infection. In fact, nowadays, the American Academy of Pediatrics tells parents not to fear fevers but ...

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What is H. Pylori?


Could my pain be from a peptic ulcer?  Approximately 25 million Americans suffer from a peptic ulcer at some point during their lifetime. There are several clues that might signal that you have a peptic ulcer such as feeling a dull or burning ...

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Urgent Care Clinics Can Help with Broken Bones!

Did you know the human body is made up of 206 bones? Or that you are likely to  sustain two fractures in the course of your lifetime? On average, medical providers treat 7 million broken bones each year in the United States alone, but not all of ...

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Pro Sports Rehab is now accepting patients at the Forum Shopping Center Location

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