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Five Health Tips to Get More ‘Vida’ From Your Fiesta San Antonio 2017

Texas MedClinic - Tips for Fiesta

From parades, galas and coronations to parties in La Villita, Market Square, University of the Incarnate Word and St. Mary’s University, Fiesta San Antonio’s 10-day celebration of culture and diversity has just about everything for everybody. 1. ...

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What is Your Snot Saying to You?

Texas MedClinic - Nose with Tissue

The color of your mucus can tell you what’s going on in your nasal passages.  Here are various colors and what they could potentially mean for you. CLEAR – Normal Straight mucus is mostly water, with proteins, antibodies and dissolved salts. ...

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Why Didn’t My Doctor Give Me an Antibiotic?


  By David Gude, M.D.  Patients often expect antibiotics for their illnesses, not understanding that in many cases antibiotics will not make them better faster, and could cause more harm than good. Over the past 50 years, antibiotics have ...

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Relapse of the Flu; Is that a real thing?


After escaping flu during the 2015-2016 it has recently reminded many of us of the misery it can cause. The misery, however bad, is generally short lived for most; seven days being the typical course of illness, though in an unlucky few it can ...

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Why do we Treat Strep Throat?


If only life and medicine were simple concepts, always black and white and not include the myriad shades of gray… Have you ever had a sore throat and automatically diagnosed yourself with strep throat? We see many . It has been estimated that 15 ...

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Pro Sports Rehab is now accepting patients at the Forum Shopping Center Location

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