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Urgent Care Clinics Can Help with Broken Bones!

Did you know the human body is made up of 206 bones? Or that you are likely to  sustain two fractures in the course of your lifetime? On average, medical providers treat 7 million broken bones each year in the United States alone, but not all of ...

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Can you give Ibuprofen to a child under 6?

blog 4.15

Parents are very concerned when a young child is suffering with fever and pain. In addition, they also become extremely stressed when trying to figure out if they should give any medication at all, what kind and how much. What about ibuprofen? ...

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fiesta 2016 a

What a milestone! We salute the 125th anniversary of Fiesta, and we’re ready to celebrate! Are you?  San Antonio’s Fiesta is an explosion of sights, sounds, smells, flavors, laughter, thrills and memories. Don’t let a mishap or brain lapse ruin ...

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How to Deal with Pain

Young african american woman meditating in nature

Whether it’s chronic pain or just pain after a surgery or an injury, you don’t always have to reach for pain medication. Even if pain medication is the first thing that comes to mind, there are more natural, less addictive routes to pain relief. ...

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Diarrhea: The Texas “two step” but there’s no music

diarrhea blogs

Texans try to put a pretty face on a hated and dreaded illness – diarrhea – by calling it the Texas “two step”. The description is intended to mimic how a person hurries down the hall to the nearest bathroom. But diarrhea is no laughing matter. ...

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Pro Sports Rehab is now accepting patients at the Forum Shopping Center Location

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