Managing Stress When It Seems Unmanageable

October 18, 2016

Managing Stress When It Seems Unmanageable - Texas MedClinic Urgent Care


When someone is visibly stressed out we oftentimes provide sympathies and say lines like, “take a deep breath” or “don’t worry about it” but it’s unlikely we truly consider the effects of stress. In a recent article in ABC Health, the writer mentions the long term health affects of a hurricane, this time specifically Hurricane Matthew.

As the writer suggests, injuries such as cuts and bruises, trauma and concussions are expected but there also comes a risk of health conditions that are less obvious such as heart attacks, carbon monoxide poisoning and skin infections to name a few. To be frank, anytime people become abnormally stressed their risk for heart attack and stroke increases and the lasting impact of a major storm assaulting a persons home is reason enough to cause unparalleled stress.

As we read the article, the take away for us was to share the importance of managing stress. Even though it can’t be eliminated, it can be managed.

Here’s a few tips we wanted to share on the topic.

-Manage your time well. Work at it. Continually figure out ways to become more efficient.

-Say no when you can to the things that create stress in your life. Don’t take on unnecessary roles.

-Eat good food. Focus on fruits and veggies, lean protein and whole grains.

-Move around more. Get some exercise!

-Keep a positive mental attitude. You’re in control of your actions and words and commitments.

-Ask yourself what you can actually do about your source of stress. Do something about it when you can.

-Make time for the people and activities you love.

-Get enough sleep to recover from stressful events.

-Ease up on caffeine and don’t rely on alcohol, food or drugs to alleviate stress. It won’t get you anywhere.

If you try all of these things and still struggle with an unbearable amount of stress, talk to someone. Come see one of our physicians, find a stress management class or look for a counselor to talk through your issues. You don’t have to go through hard situations alone. But, it is important that you do handle them.

For information about our clinics or to find a location near you, go to our website. And, remember to take a deep breath, we care about your mental health too.

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