Want The Best Austin Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic Near You?

April 1, 2022

No matter how much planning we do, there are times in life when a medical emergency arises when we least expect it. There are various aspects of our life that can be significantly impacted when an unforeseen incident occurs, one of those being the severity of our injuries being exacerbated due to the amount of time it could potentially take to receive help. But what if we told you there’s a solution and that urgent care is closer than you think?

There’s a misconception that walk-in urgent care clinics are solely for minor injuries but that is false. At the Austin urgent care location on MoPac & Parmer, Texas MedClinic provides a variety of urgent care services from providing urgent care X-rays to treating an urgent care UTI. No matter the time of day or night, when you need urgent care, we’re available. Beyond our late-night hours to access medical care, there are a variety of reasons to choose the Austin walk in clinic Texas MedClinic location on MoPac & Parmer for your urgent care.

Convenient and Affordable Care When You Need it Most

In certain medical emergencies, there is no time to waste. There will be times when every second counts and waiting on an ambulance or driving to an inconveniently located emergency room is simply not an option. This is where searching for ‘urgent care near me’ will bring you to the closest care clinic to you and your emergency, saving you precious time in the face of a medical emergency.

As our healthcare evolves, walk-in urgent care clinics such as the Texas MedClinic on MoPac and Parmer are able to handle emergencies that would normally be handled in an emergency room. Even if the medical emergency is not time-sensitive, an urgent care clinic provides medical care that can treat your injury or illness before you are able to visit your regular doctor who may not be available during your time of need. 

Beyond immediate care, at an urgent care clinic, you could potentially save a great deal of money compared to an emergency room visit. Emergency room rates tend to be a little higher as emergency rooms are designed to treat dire, life-threatening injuries. Most individuals are unaware of this which is why they run to an emergency room as opposed to an urgent care clinic. Whether you’re in need of urgent care X-rays, urgent care for an orthopedic injury, or urgent care for a UTI, you will be billed according to the reason for your visit which will be at a more reasonable rate than an emergency room.

Personal Care in a Calm Setting

Emergency rooms are often crowded and a bit chaotic. This is because there are walk-in patients as well as patients being brought in by ambulance, creating a hectic scene. When you’re injured or sick, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by noise and confusion. At our walk-in urgent care Texas MedClinic location on MoPac and Parmer, you can wait for your visit with our doctors in a calm and quiet setting, helping you remain calm in a moment of crisis.

Additionally, because our urgent care clinic is not as busy as a regular emergency room, you’re guaranteed top-quality care from our skilled and knowledgeable providers. There is no hurry to move patients in and out. At the Austin urgent care Texas MedClinic location on MoPac and Parmer, you’re given the time and attention needed for your ailment and given the appropriate treatment to ensure a full recovery.

We treat a variety of injuries and illnesses and are ready to provide you with top-quality, affordable care. If you’re in the neighborhoods of Preston Oaks, Tomanet Estates, Hidden Estates, Milwood, Walnut Crossing, Scofield Farms, Wells Branch, McNeil Estates, or Oak Creek Plaza and in need of medical care, follow your search results from ‘urgent care near me’ and visit the urgent care Texas MedClinic location on MoPac and Parmer!

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