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August 17, 2012

Color Texas MedClinic founder Dr. Bernard Swift torn when asked about the company reaching its 30th anniversary.

“Well, it just creeps up on you. It’s very comforting to know that we’ve been in business that long,” he said. “But, it also means I’m 30 years older.”

Hectic schedules and faster paced lifestyles have turned urgent care clinics – offices where you can easily see a doctor without an appointment – into a pretty commonly seen establishment.

Texas MedClinic and similar companies often work hand-in-hand with construction companies on things ranging from treating on-the-job injuries to regulatory physicals and drug testing. But this wasn’t always the case. When Dr. Swift started his, he was certainly sailing into uncharted waters.

“It was a risky endeavor at the time. This was really an unheard of and brand new concept – not only in San Antonio, but across the country,” Swift explained. “People at that time didn’t locate doctors in shopping centers with neon signs. They located them in hospitals and medical office buildings. What we started was a departure from the norm.”

“We have approximately 70 or so very fine physicians who are independent contractors in our practice, many of whom have been with us for the entire 30-year period that we’ve been open,” Swift said. “They’re all very competent, practical people who enjoy taking care of the patients in urgent care and involvement with occupational medicine.

“We’ve meticulously built management structure over the years, and have very caring people in these positions who have a great deal of integrity. I think that’s very important.”

Today, the company has clinics in both the San Antonio and Austin areas, and is still growing. Swift said plans were for construction to begin on a 16,000-sf facility that includes a new clinic and additional office space at Culebra and Loop 1604 in San Antonio. –ms

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