Back to School Checklists

August 17, 2016

Whether you look forward to this time of year or not, back to school checklists are front and center. This is the time of year when parents make quick appointments for immunizations and make plans for everything from after school care to gathering the appropriate school supplies for their kids’ backpacks.

If you’re still delaying the vaccination part, don’t! Remember, they must be done before school starts and we can help make it easy to get this one item off your checklists. Vaccinations are available on a walk in basis, just make sure you know the requirements for school-aged children to help protect them and their classmates from preventable illnesses. And remember, even though they may not be mandatory, flu vaccines are recommended for kids 6 months and older.

As for backpacks, they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Sometimes it’s a way to express individuality but regardless the inside remains fairly consistent. Make sure your kids have the appropriate items they need to prepare for the school year ahead.

Here’s a few things we’d suggest making sure are in your kids backpack:

-Pencils to write with

-Papers and notebooks to write on

-Folders for transporting assignments

-An independent reading book

-Cell phone (age appropriate) for urgent after school messages

-Emergency info

-A small amount of money for vending machines and small unexpected expenses

-Seasonal items like sunscreen or a jacket

And, here’s a few (maybe obvious) items children shouldn’t carry in their backpacks:

-Unnecessary items (to limit the weight put on a child’s back)

-Electronics that can be easily lost, stolen or broken

-Potential weapons that could be misconstrued by educators, like nail clippers, long strings and sharp objects

As we say goodbye to summer, don’t forget safety on the road. Keep an eye out for school buses, pedestrians and bicyclists, and make sure your kids know how to stay safe before, during and after school.

Run through playground safety, bus safety, pedestrian safety and how to avoid sports related injuries too, so your children are better prepared! Another thing to keep in mind is that teen car crashes spike in September, so practice road safety with new drivers often during the quieter summer months when you have time.

Back to school is an important time, it’s time to prepare for a great school year. Talk to your kids about their goals, proper hygiene and overall safety. Sometimes all it takes is a good reminder. And, in the mean time, if your children need extra care, our physicians are here seven days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when you need us, we’re here for life’s little emergencies.

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