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Texas whooping cough outbreak reported by CDC

Source: KSAT 12

Author: Ursula Pari, Anchor

Texas MedClinics urging pertussis vaccination for adults

SAN ANTONIO – The unmistakable bark of a whooping cough in a child is heartbreaking, but more cases of adults are being reported, according the Centers for Disease Control.

Outbreaks in 18 states, including Texas, as well as an epidemic in Washington state, is enough for the Texas MedClinic chain to begin a campaign to encourage adults to seek the vaccine.

The pertussis vaccine was not available for adults until about eight years ago.

Now that it is on the market, Medicare will cover the cost for even those 64 years or older, provided the shot is given in the course of other medical treatment such as wound treatment.

Dr. David Gude says it is not covered as a preventative vaccine, but remains well worth the price.

“The issue is really with young children. If they get sick, it could be deadly for a child and often adults harbor the bacteria and are the exposure source for a young child,” Gude explained.